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        With Claire Martin at      

     Laurence Cottle's studio

        With Ian Shaw, recording   

                "Stayin' Alive"

        With maestro Neil Richardson

        With Derek Watkins,

featured soloist on "For Dave"

        With Vanessa Haynes, 

     recording "Beautiful City"

            and "Walk on By"

        Concertmaster Vaughan Jones

                    Conducting the

             Bigger Pictures sessions

                 Hugh Webb

With Sam Mayne, recording 

         Is This a Rainbow

 Trb: Jeff Miller, Paul Taylor, Adrian Fry, Richard Pywell

Tpts: Mike Diprose, Steve Jones, Paul Newton, Pete Rolinson

Mick Foster, Phil Walton, Colin Crawley, Nick Homes, Len Aruliah

Feature article

After a Journey, 2003

Bigger Pictures, 2010

Cover Beautiful City.jpg

Beautiful City, 2018

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